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Born O'Hurley (The Last Honest Woman / Dance to the Piper)

Born O'Hurley - Nora Roberts The Last Honest Woman: I liked this book better than Dance to the Piper. Mainly because I loved Abby’s children, Chris is just the cutest thing.
The thing with Nora Roberts is that she sometimes lets her characters fall in love too quickly and easily. This can be quite annoying and unbelievable at times.
Character wise: Abby was wonderful; her loyalty to her children was admirable. Dylan was annoying at times but overall he was a good character. Ben and Chris are adorable.
Plot: the romance was quite unbelievable. I don’t understand how people can fall in love within a few weeks of knowing or meeting each other. The book was good.

Dance to the piper: Again the same thing, the characters fell in love too quickly.
Characters: Reed was annoying, he kept saying he wanted her but that he was not good enough for her. He kept jerking her around and she let him, which was the most annoying thing in the book. I liked it but sometimes I was annoyed by the characters.