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Adam - Ted Dekker Ted Dekker is an amazing writer; this is the second book I’ve read by him. And I loved it. His writing is somewhat disturbing sometimes, which is why I sometimes put the book down for days, I just couldn’t go on. This won’t be a detailed review seeing I don’t really know how to do that.
But What I liked about this is the following: I love the newspaper articles between every two or three chapters, they were great and captivating.
The description of Eve was terrifying the black and teeth; I still shiver whenever I remember.
The characters were great, I found myself sympathizing with Alex and Jessica Trane. Their story just broke my heart.
But this book left me with a lot of questions…
What happened to Daniel after what he went through? Did he resume his work with the F.B.I? or was he haunted by what happened that he couldn’t go back?